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 Techy keyboard stuff

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PostSubject: Techy keyboard stuff   Techy keyboard stuff I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 11, 2010 2:48 pm

Here's a thought or two for any techy guys and gals out there....

My 'little' keyboard setup has grown far too large! As someone said to me not long ago, and admittedly it was not a musician, 'why do you need so many keyboards when you only have two hands to play them with?'

I think they were serious!!

However, this led me to think, which is something I am only prone to doing from time to time..

The result is that my rig will be getting smaller and more easy to transport, especially where flying is concerned. This is being achieved by using a Macbook Pro and Apple's Mainstage program, part of Logic 9. Years ago I had a Mac which was totally wonderful and I am hoping my new Macbook will do the same. I know a number of guys out there have gone this way including Gem Godfrey of Frost* and if it's good enough for him etc..

Incidentally, a pal of mine on Facebook set up a thread talking about what instruments we'd all owned since being teenagers and I realised that I had spent a small house's worth on toys!

So what am I going to keep for live use? I reckon it will be my Nord Stage 88 and Korg M3 meaning that the Korg MS2000, Prophet 08 and Roland VP770 will live in the studio.

That's today's plan anyhow. Anyone else out there been down this path and what happened??

Andy 'Mr Knobs' Rigler
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Techy keyboard stuff
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